Website Features

Below is an overview of some important features to assist you when using our website.

Tracks & Sub-mixes:

Each track on our site has many mixes 'nested' inside which contain a number of different versions of the main track.

This could be in the form of specifically edited lengths (60, 30, 10 seconds) or smaller 'stings' and even alternative versions such as an underscore or different melody mix. The variation allows you to be very specific in the needs of your project.

You can bring up the mixes by pressing the track and a side widget will be displayed with all the versions.  


Simply select the type of licence you require, by using the license selector at the top of our website. All prices will then update accordingly depending on the type chosen. We also offer monthly and annual blanket licenses which provide significant savings, allowing users to download unlimted content for a one time fee. 


Continuous music player:

Our one page website allows you to continuously browse whilst the music is still playing, resulting in an enhanced experience saving time whilst you browse around the site. If you need to find out where the track being played is located in the library, click on the top bar icon labeled 'i' to show details and give an option for returning to the tracks original location.


Genre & Mood Filters:

On the top of the website you will find our realtime search filter. By clicking on a selected mood or genre, you will find the results. We also have many sub genres, to help the filtering process.