Track Sourcing

If you can't find what you need in our library, or just simply haven't got the time - this service may be the one for you!

deqoymusic works closely with our clients to seek out that perfect track from within our catalogue. One of our account managers can discuss the various options available for the most suited music to sync in your project. Our team can create a handpicked playlist placed into your account with our suggestions, to give you more variety and choice when making a decision. We will not be happy until you have the track that perfectly fits your needs!

Not only will we find the most suited music for you, but we can deal with any licensing quires and ensure that all is covered for you to utilise our music with out the legal complications and hassle of wondering what option would be best.

It costs nothing to enquire about how we can assist with your musical requirements and sourcing one or two tracks is free most of the time. However we do charge depending on the amount of work involved in more extensive projects that require more research and time. So stop hitting a brick wall trying to find music and get in touch!

For more information on this service or to get the process started, please either use our live chat icon at the top of the page or contact us with your requirements and one of our account managers will be in contact with you shortly. Alternatively give us a call on +44 (0) 3303801071 and one of our music supervisors will discuss your requirements.