So you make music.....

Well, we are always interested in hearing from talented new composers, producers, bands, artists and anyone who just loves to create music or audio. Our team want to hear from you! So what are the stages involved in this process?

1. Submit material for review

You should firstly submit a selection of tracks for initial review, by contacting us on 

It's good practice to send around 3-6 songs, as to get an idea of your abilities. But don't worry if you only have one, as we should be able too determine if the style is suitable for our library.  All music then goes through a review process by our dedicated consultants, in order to determine if the tracks will be successfully placed in our library. Usually you will hear back from us as soon as possible, please bear with us as we do receive a lot of music.

2. Feedback of Music

After reviewing your submissions, if accepted, the following will happen:

  • - A member of the team will contact and explain that your submissions have been accepted.
  • - Detailed instructions will be sent about any revisions for selected tracks. This may involve you making some changes.
  • - We will then discusses an album brief and hopefully agree about tracks for release.
  • - You will then be expected to complete the brief within a time period allocated.

3. Editing and Mastering 

After the brief is completed and all tracks have been submitted and reviewed, you will be expected to complete any changes requested by our music supervisors. We have also prepared detailed technical guidelines for you to follow, before we prepare your music for final mastering.

This is a extremely important stage of the process and will require cooperation and patience from the composer.

4. Music & Legal Contracts Signed

Once the tracks have been finalised, we will start the process of legally signing the composer or producer to deqoymusic. Here is an overview of the general terms:

  •  - 50/50 Split on both royalties and any sale. 
  •  - International Distribution to worldwide clients.
  •  - Downloads can count towards the official UK & US Charts.
This will be followed by the eventual release and marketing of the commissioned albums/tracks.

5. The Future

At this stage, if everything has been successful, we may consider offering you limited use of any facilities and studios that may benefit final compositions, alongside any other production assistance or resources. 

So thats about long as you follow the guidelines in our PDF below, the process will be even smoother for all involved.

Please click here to download a copy of our detailed submission guidelines. 

Good luck!