Music For TV & Radio

Deqoy Music for TV & Radio


We can help with your music for TV & Radio.

 Our library has a vast amount of pre-prepared music that you can simply drop-in to your TV or radio production.

Whether you need a short clip or a full track, it is all here. Including short and alternative versions and stings to fit your production.

  • Search for the kind of of music you need.
  • Audition some tracks.
  • When you have found something you like, add it to your basket, choose a license and you're done.
  • You can then download, import and sync the music up to your video.

Fast and simple.

If you need some help with syncing, or editing your music for TV & Radio,  let us know and we can edit the track for you to fit with your footage.

Here's a playlist that we feel may be useful for TV & Radio: Lifestyle Playlist

If you feel you need a piece of custom music for your TV or radio spot, we can do that too. We have a list of top composers who can make original music for you, quickly and to your specifications.


Just drop us a line and let us work with you.