Music Consultancy

deqoymusic offers several consultancy services and packages for individuals or companies wishing to licence music for broadcast and synchronisation. We understand that every client needs are unique; therefore we like to customise our packages to suit.  

Our aim is to make your project experience easy, straight forward and seamless. One of our team will be assigned to you personally, in order to guide you through each step required to achieve the best results. This may include deciding on what genre of music is required by shortlisting specific tracks for your convenience, or a providing a full consultancy service to ensure the long term objectives of sonic branding and musical impact with the visuals are achieved

In some cases we review our clients brief or visuals, some which require personalised or tailored music, then seek out the most appropriate tracks to be used. This could be on a large or small scale and ranges from a full broadcast TV series, documentaries, sports shows, trailers, online web videos or even video game applications. Here are some of the services that we can provide:

  1. Shortlisting of music tracks to be used in the selection process.
  2. Consultation to your brief of music required.
  3. Identifying the pro's and con's of using certain types of music with your content.
  4. Introduction to our talent pool of world class composers.
  5. Assisting with a brief to create bespoke/custom compositions for your projects.
  6. Negotiating synchronisation deals with other labels and artists - to use their music.
  7. Manage sync clearances for TV, Film, Adverts and all end usage applications.
  8. Bulk purchase discounts and so much more!

Our prices vary in relation to the amount of time and input our music consultants need to allocate for your project. All rates are negotiable depending on the size and scale:

  • Two Hours Consultancy  - £75 (inc VAT)
  • Half Day Consultancy - £150 (inc VAT)
  • Full Day Consultancy - £300 (inc VAT)
If you want to discuss any of the options found on this page, please get in touch: