• What does my license cover me for?
    You pay only for the cost of the music once. You are then licensed to place it into your production and sell the production on to your clients or customers depending on the license type you have selected. You can extend and modify the music with no restrictions on the number of copies you wish to make. The licence has no renewal fees and covers your lifetime.
  • How do I apply for a blanket licence?
    For a small subscription, you are free to download as much as you like, as many times as you wish, + membership  - the ultimate freedom of choice at a fraction of the cost. The savings to be had are potentially enormous. For those of you wishing to use a large amount of music, it makes financial sense to purchase a blanket licence, which offers huge savings and a great back up service. Charities and other non-profit users are eligible for a special rate. Blanket licences all guarantee the following benefits:
    • Unlimited individual downloads throughout each production
    • Cover for worldwide use
    • Infinite Licence on each production
    • Multimedia use for all formats covered
    • Unlimited duplication of production (for non-retail purposes)


  • What formats are available?
    We offer all of the popular formats needed - WAV, BWAV, AIFF, MP3, EBU-R128, DXD/DSD . We can also provide a number of different bitrates from 16-32. Please make a request if the format you require is not showing.
  • Can I re-download music I have already bought?
    Yes of course, its available in your account forever!
  • Can you customise music on the site that I like?
    This can easily be done. Please contact us with your requirements, and we will contact the relevant composer to create any changes or additions needed.
  • Are you adding content to the site all the time?
    Our aim is to add at least a few albums per month across all the libraries. This guarantees you fresh new and exclusive music in a regular timeframe, all in tune with a monthly theme!
  • Do you have offices around the world I can contact?
    Yes we have agents in over 50 countries and offices in London, Dubai and South Korea, with our network growing daily. Please contact us for more information info@deqoymusic.com
  • Are there any restrictions on my license?
    The licence is non transferable, so only the original purchaser has the right synch the music. You cannot loan or sell the music to another producer to use on their productions.
  • What if I have a problem with my downloads?
    We operate a telephone helpline from 9am to 6pm if you are unable to download your track. Contact us on + 44 (0) 3303801071 or email us on info@deqoymusic.com
  • Do you require me to register the music I have used?
    It is essential to inform the broadcaster or end user where the music has come from and any information associated with the track (title, length, composer) This is to ensure that any royalties are paid and composers are re-numerated for their music! You can download our Cue Sheet by clicking this link. If you have any issues with this please email us on info@deqoymusic.com for more information.
  • Are you a member of MCPS or PPL?
    No our catalogue is not registered with MCPS and we are not a member of PPL. This ensures great value for money, by cutting out the legal minefield when licensing music. Hence why we can offer great fees at affordable prices for our users!