Custom Music

Do you require custom music for an upcoming project? Whether it's small or large, here at deqoymusic we work daily with over 100 composers, arrangers and musicians from around the worldand are realise the full potential of their skill sets. That means our team is ready to produce original music to suit your every need and create a perfect match.

From TV commercials, film trailers, advertising campaigns, promotional videos, online content, sound design, sporting events, title music and more... you name it - there is no genre or style of music that we cannot create for your brief. 

So how does this work you ask? Well, firstly we match you with the best composer for your project requirements. Then the team will go over your criteria and work closely with both parties, until the music is to your satisfaction and the project is complete. This removes the stress of auditioning thousands of potential ready made tracks, when something more custom will always be better suited. 

Our specialist team will guide you carefully each step of the way, making sure everything is well planned and taken care of until your track is delivered. 

If you have any more questions or simply want to get started, please either click on the live chat icon, and an advisor will be with you soon, or use the contact details below.

Tel: + 44 (0) 3303801071