About Us

deqoymusic is a global music production library, providing the highest quality music for all your projects.
Watch our video below for an overview of what we offer!

Our innovative website features specialist production libraries produced by world class composers. Offering original exclusive music covering a diverse range of genres and styles, using the latest audio technology tools, we make your search for music an easy experience. Our website has been built by people who understand what music editors, supervisors and audio clients look for in the sync selection. The quality of the original compositions from our talented composers is self-apparent.

Search & Sync

Our business model avoids the legal complications so often experienced when synchronising audio in the traditional way. Using our music licence selector and filter system is simple. With cutting edge technology and advanced realtime search options, you can locate the most suitable music for your project, create playlists, share projects with colleagues and so much more!

We are the 'one stop shop' for all your audio production needs. With a growing catalogue of music, we currently offer 5000 high quality original music tracks, all pre-cleared for worldwide use. Choose from simple single track fees, production bundles, annual + monthly blanket licences and custom budgets for bespoke projects. Our library is instantly available to use 24/7 in any project, no matter the budget! 

Our Commitment 

deqoymusic also offers a full concierge music consultancy service for any project, covering every aspect of music licensing. So whatever your audio needs, we can find the sounds for you. Even if you have something unusual in mind, our music supervisors and composers can help you to source the perfect composition

We are here to help find the perfect track for your production.

With massive savings compared to local PRO fees, music is delivered instantly to the digital medium of your choice.   

Our History

Ten years in the making, deqoymusic is a leading music technology platform responding to an increasing demand for online and easily available HD audio formats. With all the benefits of a small, customer-focused business, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Why not get in touch, or drop into our office or studios for an informal chat!

Our main office is based in London, and partner offices in Dubai and South Korea.